Saturday, August 27, 2011

Animal Coins Golf App Review

Most of the time when I’m out on the golf course I’m usually the one shooting the highest score and the one destined to buy the first round of drinks for our foursome. Now with a new golf app just release in July I might have a chance at leveling the playing field with my buddies

Many golfers love to place a wager while playing golf. There are so many traditional games like Nassau or Skins you can play. Gary McKay from Touch Golf Designs out of B.C. figured he could change things up and put some more fun into side bets where the focus wasn’t on the golfers handicap and more importantly, players with different skill levels wouldn’t feel alienated. With this app I could actually beat a few guys and come out on top or at least with lesser coins.

How to Play
The first thing you do is decide which of the 11 coins your going to play with my experience has been the more the merrier. Coins representing 3 putts or more, hitting into water/sand or hitting a ball off a tree are just a few of the fun scenarios. There’s something for everyone to enjoy or not enjoy whatever the case might be. Animal Coins Golf keeps track of everything nicely whether your playing 9 or 18 holes. It automatically calculates the payout for each player. No confusion on payouts or messy scorecards you can’t decipher. There’s so many golf shots out there during a round the coins will be flying from player to player.


* The app has over 10 coins to choose from and each represent a different shot on the course. The goal is to ensure you are not the last person left with a coin at the end of 9 and 18 holes.
* Easy to use screens make it quick to set-up the side bet and then only a second to record results during the round of golf.
* One easy to read screen that shows the net amount earned or lost by player.
* You can "tap" on each player to see exactly how much and also who you owe money.
* You can review each hole and the payouts after the round.
* The app keeps the "last" set-up which makes it quick to start the next round

What I liked about the app
It’s a real fun and easy app to use. Adding coins during the round is fast and won’t take away from your round. If you can’t remember what a coin represents just tap it and it’s definition will be revealed.

Best thing about app
This app is great for all skill levels of golfers. Even if your not having a great round of golf you still might do well with having the least amount of coins and bragging rights at that.

It’s hard to find anything really wrong with this app. It’s simply works great as a fun side bet golf app. Maybe add some more customization options that about it.

Download and Cost
Animal Coins Golf is available for $1.99 in the US and Canada (See below for special FedEx Cup price) and priced accordingly in other regions. Animal Coins Golf is available world-wide from The App Store for iPhone and iPod touch, or by visiting:

Touch Golf Designs, an independent app studio based out of British Columbia, Canada, was formed in 2011 by Gary McKay and Jorge Freitas for the purpose of making golfing side bets even more fun.

## Special Promo - Price Drop to $0.99 ##

Celebrating the start of the Fedex Cup Playoffs and the first tournament - The Barclays, Animal Coins Golf is on sale for 4 days (ends August 29th).

Animal Coins Golf IPhone\IPod App Demo 


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