Saturday, May 28, 2011

Golf Hustle App Review

 Please see June 12th, 2011 Update below ****

Golf Hustle is an iPhone/iPod/iPad App for golfers who like to wager a little cash while out on the golf course. Golf Hustle keeps score for you easily and efficiently for all the popular golf games including Nassau, Match, Stroke, Skins, Sixes, and Vegas.

Here is what I like about the app:

1) The interface was really user friendly and easy to use. If you know how to fill out a scorecard then you’ll have no problem with Golf Hustle.

2) Golf Hustle gives you instant results of any game your playing. You can view updated results summaries and hole-by-hole results too. Golf Hustle figures out the hard stuff for you.

3) Has 6 of the most popular golf games Nassau, Match, Stroke, Skins, Sixes, and Vegas . If you can’t find a game to hustle your buddies your not looking in the right spot.

4) The fact you can use your iPhone/iPod/iPad Contacts as your Golf Hustle opponents.

What I didn’t like or what could use some work:

1) At the present there are no golf courses available for Canada. So working on their database of golf courses would be a huge step forward. I have contacted the developers about adding some Canadian content but that is still in development.

1a) It would great if you could have the option to add your own courses to the Golf Hustle App.

2) I’m familiar with some of the golf games like Nassau Match and Stroke but it would be nice if each game was explained within the app like they are on the Golf Hustle website.

For me Golf Hustle is an App that’s not quite complete. It has a slick user interface and a great concept for golfers who like to wager on the golf course but where it falls flat is not offering enough golf courses yet or the ability to add courses. At a price of $4.99 save your money and wait for some updates.

Launched on March 1, 2011
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later

Update June 12th, 2011
Ask and you shall receive. You have to like a company that listens to feedback and then updates their app in a timely manner. Thanks to Christopher Yap for sending along this email and a update to his Golf Hustle app.

You would be pleased to note that an update for Golf Hustle has been released, and it includes the courses you have listed below. Also, a note regarding your comment on adding courses in your review. The intention is to keep all usage of this app within the golf game on the golf course. If a course is not in the course database, the user can key in the hole par and index hole by hole as the game is being played. Doing it this way does not the results reporting in any way. Thereafter, the course for that game will be available for selection in subsequent games under "Recent Courses", so the user does not need to key in the info again. That way, there is no extra work of adding courses, which is likely a chore for most users. Less hassle, and it just works. This system works for most golfers.

Thank you very much for the review, and hope you enjoy Golf Hustle.