Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Srixon WeatherFIT™ App for the iPhone and iPad

The app for the Srixon Z-Star Driver is now available for download.
From Srixon:
Application Description:
The Srixon Golf WeatherFIT application provides accurate 4-day weather forecasts for golf courses around the USA. In addition, the app uses the weather forecast to help you decide how to properly fit your Srixon Z-STAR driver and Srixon golf ball for maximum performance in the weather on those specific days of play.

The Z-STAR WeatherFIT app is the first iphone™/ipad™ application that helps golfers adjust their driver settings to the specific weather and course conditions they are playing to maximize their driver performance. When used in conjunction with the Z-STAR driver, the WeatherFIT app assists golfers in selecting the appropriate face angle and weight settings for the driver based on the weather conditions on the golf course. Golfers can select any course they are playing and the app will analyze their current driver settings and the weather forecast on the chosen golf course and will then recommend specific adjustments that the player should make to the driver's face angle and weight settings to optimize performance during that round. Additionally, the WeatherFIT app will use the weather conditions to recommend which color golf ball (Tour Yellow or Pure White) the golfer should use that day for maximum visibility on the course.

STAR Fitting:
The STAR fitting section is specific to the new Srixon Z-STAR adjustable driver which has 84 different possible configurations. This part of the application helps you properly tune your Z-STAR Driver to maximize the distance, ball flight and feel that you want from your Z-STAR Driver. In this section you can complete an initial fitting (iFIT) that will be saved in the app's memory as your original driver settings. These settings will be referenced when you conduct a weather fitting (wFIT) from the app prior to playing in specific weather conditions where you might need to make adjustments to your driver. In addition, the app offers players a corrective fit (cFIT) for times when your swing might be a little off and needs corrective tuning to find the desired ball flight.

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Ball Fitting:
This is coming soon.