Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mobitee Mobile Golf Assistant Review

 Mobitee GPS App Review
 ****This was originally published on Ottawa Golf Blog

This has been one great season of golf. Plenty of new and different courses played and lots of great new people I've met on the links. I've had the pleasure of testing out Mobitee's Mobile Golf Assistant for most of the season here are my thoughts on this App that is a GPS, Scorecard and Range Finder all rolled into one. The App was easy to install on my iPhone 4S and I was up and running within a few minutes. It didn't take much time to get familiar with the setup and the inner workings of the app. I did experience a couple of crashes before I had the chance to take it onto the course but that seemed to be solved by a software update. My experience with Golf GPS apps was nil before using Mobitee although I had used GolfShot as a scorecard app before. Here are the features that Mobitee offers within it's app (from their website)

  • Complete golf guide for each of 35,000+ course guide (Nearby golf courses, addresses, reservations, rates, route guidance…)
  • Precise GPS tool with moveable target to calculate distances on the course (Distances for back, middle, and front of green; obstacles, doglegs, distance traveled…
  • Satellite, aerial view of each hole
  • Flyover videos
  • Rangefinder (Compatible with iPhone 3GS and 4G)
  • Shot tracking
  • Virtual coach (Club advice for each hole)
  • Interactive, automatic scorecard for up to 4 players (Net scores, Stableford, index simulation)
  • Scorecards can be shared via email
  • Updates are free
  • Simple, truly spectacular interface
Most if not all the all the course I played during the season were located in the Mobitee database. A few had poor satellite view so I only had access to scorecard. If any weren't in the database the best way to add a course not in the 35,000+ course guide is to contact Mobitee at info@mobitee.com and your course will be added within 48-72 hours.

Here is a direct link to the Mobitee Course Directory: http://www.mobitee.com/golfs I found the GPS tool to be quite accurate and I loved having the moveable target to calculate distances on the course especially with course I was playing for the first time. Distances for back, middle, and front of green plus any bunkers or others obstacles was great for saving a few shots per round. Dragging the circle to the where you want to get a distance was a snap. This feature was definitely my favorite for this app. The Rangefinder I didn't use as I preferred using the GPS. Flyover videos were again very helpful for any new courses I played. Loved the scorecard as it was easy to access from the main screen and easy to input your scores. I would like to see Mobitee add a way to post my round to Twitter though.

Organizing your Mobitee Bag is very important. Modifying your club distance to what your distances are will help your scores from the get go. Once you've got the distances established Mobitee will suggest what club to hit from the yardage that you are sanding at. The Mobitee Mobile Golf Assistant did use up the iPhone's battery pretty good but with a fully charged battery and turning my iPhone to sleep mode after every shot I never had a problem with my battery running out. Mobitee GPS app sells for $24.99, which is pretty affordable considering what you get in this app. Updates are free as there have been a few since I've installed the app. Mobitee is available for the iPhone and Android phones. Mobitee's Website is a great resource for any more information as well Mobitee's customer support.The Apple App Store is also a good resource as well.  

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Animal Coins Golf App Review

Most of the time when I’m out on the golf course I’m usually the one shooting the highest score and the one destined to buy the first round of drinks for our foursome. Now with a new golf app just release in July I might have a chance at leveling the playing field with my buddies

Many golfers love to place a wager while playing golf. There are so many traditional games like Nassau or Skins you can play. Gary McKay from Touch Golf Designs out of B.C. figured he could change things up and put some more fun into side bets where the focus wasn’t on the golfers handicap and more importantly, players with different skill levels wouldn’t feel alienated. With this app I could actually beat a few guys and come out on top or at least with lesser coins.

How to Play
The first thing you do is decide which of the 11 coins your going to play with my experience has been the more the merrier. Coins representing 3 putts or more, hitting into water/sand or hitting a ball off a tree are just a few of the fun scenarios. There’s something for everyone to enjoy or not enjoy whatever the case might be. Animal Coins Golf keeps track of everything nicely whether your playing 9 or 18 holes. It automatically calculates the payout for each player. No confusion on payouts or messy scorecards you can’t decipher. There’s so many golf shots out there during a round the coins will be flying from player to player.


* The app has over 10 coins to choose from and each represent a different shot on the course. The goal is to ensure you are not the last person left with a coin at the end of 9 and 18 holes.
* Easy to use screens make it quick to set-up the side bet and then only a second to record results during the round of golf.
* One easy to read screen that shows the net amount earned or lost by player.
* You can "tap" on each player to see exactly how much and also who you owe money.
* You can review each hole and the payouts after the round.
* The app keeps the "last" set-up which makes it quick to start the next round

What I liked about the app
It’s a real fun and easy app to use. Adding coins during the round is fast and won’t take away from your round. If you can’t remember what a coin represents just tap it and it’s definition will be revealed.

Best thing about app
This app is great for all skill levels of golfers. Even if your not having a great round of golf you still might do well with having the least amount of coins and bragging rights at that.

It’s hard to find anything really wrong with this app. It’s simply works great as a fun side bet golf app. Maybe add some more customization options that about it.

Download and Cost
Animal Coins Golf is available for $1.99 in the US and Canada (See below for special FedEx Cup price) and priced accordingly in other regions. Animal Coins Golf is available world-wide from The App Store for iPhone and iPod touch, or by visiting: http://www.touchgolfdesigns.com


Touch Golf Designs, an independent app studio based out of British Columbia, Canada, was formed in 2011 by Gary McKay and Jorge Freitas for the purpose of making golfing side bets even more fun.

## Special Promo - Price Drop to $0.99 ##

Celebrating the start of the Fedex Cup Playoffs and the first tournament - The Barclays, Animal Coins Golf is on sale for 4 days (ends August 29th).

Animal Coins Golf IPhone\IPod App Demo 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Visulax Golf App Review

Regardless of your handicap most golfers want to improve their golf game. With all the various golf aids out there most golfers neglect the mental side of the game. Sure the pros have their mental coaches and gurus but what about something for the hacker.

Well now thanks to a golf app called Visulax you can improve the mental side of your golf game. Visulax uses visualization and relaxation with positive messages to help you improve your mental game. So will it help my golf game?

When I first tried the app I really didn’t know what to expect and listened patiently to the 30+ minute presentation from a gentleman with a very soothing voice and some pretty earthy background music. Here’s the scoop after listening to this Visulax app for the last few weeks.

The beginning of the audio gets you into a more relaxed state by getting you into a comfortable position and to visualize your favorite golf hole. It uses various visualization techniques to get your body relaxed.

After the short introduction you move to the meditation stage where you are asked to focus on various parts of your body inhaling and exhaling deeply thus relaxing your body. The second part of the audio is all about the golf. Focusing on your balance and timing on all your clubs from your driver down to your wedges. Course management and target focus are also looked at in this section of the audio.


I work shift work and I found the app to be great for turning off my mind and relaxing so I could fall asleep. I found it sometime hard to focus on the visualization techniques but most of the time that was probably because I was not completely in a relaxed state yet. As for improving my game I shot one of my best rounds of the year this week whether it had to do with Visulax or just good course management I’m still a bit skeptical but I will continue to use Visulax Golf App.

At $6.99 it’s more expensive then most golf apps but it’s really fairly cheap considering the price of new drivers that people shell out.

Please note the following:
★ON SALE★ Only $2.99 (Reg. $6.99) until 8/22/11!

We are celebrating the launch of our latest app, Visulax Poker Strategy & Mental Training also $2.99 (Reg. $6.99)

This recording includes:
★ Introduction
★ Guided meditation
★ Perfect balance and timing
★ Blocking out distractions
★ Course management
★ Focusing on the target
★ BONUS: Advanced mental golf techniques
★ Wake up or sleep ending

According to Jack Nicklaus, winner of 18 major championships:

"Ask yourself how many shots you would have saved if you never lost your temper, never got down on yourself, always developed a strategy before you hit, and always played within your own capabilities."

Now you can improve your:
★ Golf mind
★ Course management
★ Self management

Visualize. Relax. Improve.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Puttluck iPhone Golf App Review

Golf Putting App
Puttluck is a highly addictive motion controlled putting game. You use your iPhone 4, iPod touch (4th generation), iPad 2 Wi-Fi and iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G as the controller, moving the iPhone to putt the ball (like the Wii). The motion of your arm is picked up by the iPhone’s gyroscope and translated into the game as a putting stroke.

In theory this sounds easy but since I downloaded the .99 cent app this putting game is down right hard to master. Definitely start out on the beginner easy competition games and work your way up to the normal setting. You can read the greens with the grid but it requires a lot of practice to get distances down much like real putting.

I've got a Wii so I was hoping I'd be able to pick this one up quick but it definitely takes a lot of practice. So if you've into golf simulation apps then Puttluck is for you. Download it now during Open Championship week and you can win £500 ($800) worth of Black Widow golf gear during Puttluck in-game competition. The competition winner will be the person with the best score on the leader board, based on a 9-hole course, between 14-17 July. Right now there are two days left in the Puttluck competition. The current leader completed the course in 16 shots and is 'on course' for £500 in prizes. Can you beat that? Be sure to stay tuned to all the Puttluck action, follow Puttluck on Twitter.

For more information on the game visit: www.puttluck.co.uk

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Jeff Ritter Golf App Review

I had already been familiar with Jeff Ritter's instructional videos on YouTube and articles in Golf Digest because I just don't have a lot of free time to take golf lessons. I get most of my golf lessons from online videos and reading articles/books.  Maybe not the right way to go about things but when I play I want to be out on the course.

I  find Jeff Ritter's way of teaching to be quite clear and informative. Not a golfer who likes to cloud his mind with too much info I really enjoy watching Jeff's videos online on his YouTube Channel (Over 3 Millions views to date). With the release of his Instructional Golf App I now have my own personal instructor available with just one tap of my iPod.  Who better than help out a hacker like me than one of Golf Digest's Best Young Teachers 2010-2011.

Here's the highlights of his Golf App:

Jeff has put together his most popular game changing lessons into the JRG iPhone application, guaranteed to make positive changes in your game. The free version of the JRG application presents Jeff’s highest rated YouTube content from over 3 million views, top tier golf instruction articles, mental coaching videos, podcasts and a sample chapter of his book "Your Kid Ate A Divot! – Eighteen Life Lessons From The Links". In addition to the amazing instructional content included for free, you can also purchase High Definition instructional video sets covering key areas of your game:

- Chipping
- Pitching
- Bunker Play
- Putting
- Swing Plane

The JRG app includes 5 free High Definition sample videos so you can jump right in and start learning from one of Golf Digest’s “Best Young Teachers In America”. Take your game beyond the virtual lesson tee and contact Jeff directly through the application and setup a personalized instruction program to kick your game into high gear.

What I like about the Jeff Ritter Golf App:
1) Easy to navigate app with a very professional look and feel to the HD videos.
2) Where else can you get access to one of Golf Digest's Best Young Teachers 2010-2011 at the tap of your iPhone or iPod.

What I don't like about the Jeff Ritter Golf App:
1) While the App gives you access to 5 of Jeff's top lessons, charging $2.99 for additional videos seems high. Bundling similar instructional videos for less and I think more people would be more prone to download.
 2)The HD videos are great quality but beware of the larger file sizes filling up yout iPhone/iPod/iPad.

The Jeff Ritter Golf App is a great download for the golfer who wants crisp HD videos to help your golf game.  Even if you never use any of the $2.99 video upgrades. Having Jeff Ritter give you personal instruction into improving your golf game is top notch.  Having access to Jeff's videos with a tap of your finger was great for killing time as a Dad waiting on your kids at various extra curricular activities. I highly recommend it for download.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Golf Hustle App Review

 Please see June 12th, 2011 Update below ****

Golf Hustle is an iPhone/iPod/iPad App for golfers who like to wager a little cash while out on the golf course. Golf Hustle keeps score for you easily and efficiently for all the popular golf games including Nassau, Match, Stroke, Skins, Sixes, and Vegas.

Here is what I like about the app:

1) The interface was really user friendly and easy to use. If you know how to fill out a scorecard then you’ll have no problem with Golf Hustle.

2) Golf Hustle gives you instant results of any game your playing. You can view updated results summaries and hole-by-hole results too. Golf Hustle figures out the hard stuff for you.

3) Has 6 of the most popular golf games Nassau, Match, Stroke, Skins, Sixes, and Vegas . If you can’t find a game to hustle your buddies your not looking in the right spot.

4) The fact you can use your iPhone/iPod/iPad Contacts as your Golf Hustle opponents.

What I didn’t like or what could use some work:

1) At the present there are no golf courses available for Canada. So working on their database of golf courses would be a huge step forward. I have contacted the developers about adding some Canadian content but that is still in development.

1a) It would great if you could have the option to add your own courses to the Golf Hustle App.

2) I’m familiar with some of the golf games like Nassau Match and Stroke but it would be nice if each game was explained within the app like they are on the Golf Hustle website.

For me Golf Hustle is an App that’s not quite complete. It has a slick user interface and a great concept for golfers who like to wager on the golf course but where it falls flat is not offering enough golf courses yet or the ability to add courses. At a price of $4.99 save your money and wait for some updates.

Launched on March 1, 2011
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later

Update June 12th, 2011
Ask and you shall receive. You have to like a company that listens to feedback and then updates their app in a timely manner. Thanks to Christopher Yap for sending along this email and a update to his Golf Hustle app.

You would be pleased to note that an update for Golf Hustle has been released, and it includes the courses you have listed below. Also, a note regarding your comment on adding courses in your review. The intention is to keep all usage of this app within the golf game on the golf course. If a course is not in the course database, the user can key in the hole par and index hole by hole as the game is being played. Doing it this way does not the results reporting in any way. Thereafter, the course for that game will be available for selection in subsequent games under "Recent Courses", so the user does not need to key in the info again. That way, there is no extra work of adding courses, which is likely a chore for most users. Less hassle, and it just works. This system works for most golfers.

Thank you very much for the review, and hope you enjoy Golf Hustle.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Srixon WeatherFIT™ App for the iPhone and iPad

The app for the Srixon Z-Star Driver is now available for download.
From Srixon:
Application Description:
The Srixon Golf WeatherFIT application provides accurate 4-day weather forecasts for golf courses around the USA. In addition, the app uses the weather forecast to help you decide how to properly fit your Srixon Z-STAR driver and Srixon golf ball for maximum performance in the weather on those specific days of play.

The Z-STAR WeatherFIT app is the first iphone™/ipad™ application that helps golfers adjust their driver settings to the specific weather and course conditions they are playing to maximize their driver performance. When used in conjunction with the Z-STAR driver, the WeatherFIT app assists golfers in selecting the appropriate face angle and weight settings for the driver based on the weather conditions on the golf course. Golfers can select any course they are playing and the app will analyze their current driver settings and the weather forecast on the chosen golf course and will then recommend specific adjustments that the player should make to the driver's face angle and weight settings to optimize performance during that round. Additionally, the WeatherFIT app will use the weather conditions to recommend which color golf ball (Tour Yellow or Pure White) the golfer should use that day for maximum visibility on the course.

STAR Fitting:
The STAR fitting section is specific to the new Srixon Z-STAR adjustable driver which has 84 different possible configurations. This part of the application helps you properly tune your Z-STAR Driver to maximize the distance, ball flight and feel that you want from your Z-STAR Driver. In this section you can complete an initial fitting (iFIT) that will be saved in the app's memory as your original driver settings. These settings will be referenced when you conduct a weather fitting (wFIT) from the app prior to playing in specific weather conditions where you might need to make adjustments to your driver. In addition, the app offers players a corrective fit (cFIT) for times when your swing might be a little off and needs corrective tuning to find the desired ball flight.

This section highlights Srixon staff pros providing tips and instruction on how to hit different shots on the course. In addition you will find the most recent commercials and product education sections 

Ball Fitting:
This is coming soon.